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We’re your eco-friendly source for alternatives to traditional fertilizers, crop fertilizer products and growing solutions. Learn all about our products to find out how our line of specialized natural fertilizers will make your crops healthier and greener. Good for agricultural, residential, or professional applications.

What is Tara Solutions?

We provide and manufacture eco friendly growing solutions for crops, plants and turf. Our commitment to our customers is to provide economical and effective crop fertilizer products combined with honesty and quality customer service. All of our applications are customized and based on providing an optimum combination of nutrients to maximize plant health. These applications provide increased yields, nutritious crops, and nutrient additives for the soil, all while being environmentally sustainable. Tara means “Earth” and our mission is to sustain it for generations to come.

Growing Corn with Tara Products

Enjoy the successes that farmers are having using Tara Solution’s products.

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The premise of Tara’s products and application process are based on giving the plant the necessary nutrition and energy. The process is strategically formulized for systematic application of each product in the correct form at the right time. All of Tara’s products are liquids and the recommended applications are on a per acre basis.

For instance, Tara’s corn application starts with applying in the row on the seed one gallon of Tara’s Humic Acid and 32 oz of PGS with any needed NPK. Humic Acid is a nutrient rich germinator formulated to provide an excellent source of nutrition for the early stages of plant development. PGS is an essential growth hormone based product that provides tremendous plant fertility.

At the V-4 stage, foliar feed another 32 ounces of P.G.S. At the V-6 stage, broadcast apply 3 gallons of King Calcium with any needed nitrogen. Tara’s King Calcium is a vital component needed for cell wall strength and overall plant development. Our King Calcium also holds nitrogen and loosens up any minerals that are tied up in the soil and not available to the plant.

Finish the application by foliar feeding 16-24 ounces of XtremeCARBON at white silk. XtremeCARBON is a fantastic product and has an unrivaled performance, boosting fertility and having the ability to raise chemical efficiency when applied with chemical products. This surfactant product has a special molecular delivery system. It is pure energy to the plant holding 5 million calories per gallon.


Is your grass up to par?

Grow better grass with Tara Solutions!

A homeowner is typically interested in a well-manicured, deep green in color lawn.  Their lawn must be absent of weeds and is usually accented by trees and or plants.  Many homeowners tackle these goals themselves by becoming weekend warriors and purchasing many weapons to win the battle.  The weekend begins with a stop at the local gardening store and they proceed from there.  Other homeowners pay for a lawn and/or pest services to tackle the job.

Tara 14 is a product that should be in the arsenal of all the warriors, whether the weekend warrior or the professional applicator.  Tara 14 is an eco-friendly and non-toxic liquid.  It is full of nutrients, gives grass great color, improves both root and lateral growth, promotes density, and will improve microbial activity within the soil.  It is rain fast and readily available to the plant.  Applied by foliar spray, Tara 14 is a 14-0-0, and the nitrogen is a non-burning slow release. Please learn more about this product on this website.


Tara Solutions also is announcing Ban Max.  A 0-0-7 product available to use during the summer nitrogen bans.  Be on the look out for BAN MAX.  Coming to you soon.


Tara brings you only the best crop fertilizer products.