Eco-Friendly Fertilization

Welcome to Tara Solutions

We are your eco-friendly source for alternative growing solutions. Our products provide nutrients that enable growers of plants, crops, lawns, and gardens to grow healthier plants.  The results are higher yields and more lush, beautiful and nutritious vegetation of all varieties.  And, our products often reduce the need for traditional fertilizers and chemicals.  We are committed to providing economical and effective products combined with honest and attentive customer service.  Tara means “Earth” and we exist to do our part to sustain it for generations to come.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

Skeeter Gone is an eco-friendly mosquito killer that is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not leave any chemical residue. It kills mosquitoes and other soft-bodied insects (and larvae) on contact.  Click Here to visit the Skeeter Gone Page.

Skeeter Gone has been listed by the Organic Material Review Institute. OMRI supports organic integrity by providing an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic processes.

Grow Healthier Plants with KING CALCIUM

king-logoCalcium, the king of crop nutrients, is known for its essential function in plants. Known benefits include building strong cell walls for sturdier plants, increased vitality, and increased nutrient uptake.

Plants take in calcium, along with water, through their roots. Therefore, the calcium has to be in soluble form in order to be useful. The calcium that is added to most soil amendments is insoluble. Tara Solutions’ KING CALCIUM is a liquid solution that is readily available to the plant.

Herbicide and Pesticide Enhancer

SurTec LogoSave money and simplify your tank mix process with Sur-Tec, our revolutionary herbicide and pesticide enhancer that raises chemical efficiency by up to 100%.  Sur-Tec’s exclusive all in one formula eliminates the need for dry ammonium sulfate (AMS) or any other herbicide tank mix additives.

 Tara brings you only the best fertilizer products.