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We are your eco-friendly source for alternative growing solutions. Our products provide nutrients that enable growers of plants, crops, lawns, and gardens to grow healthier plants.  The results are higher yields and more lush, beautiful and nutritious vegetation of all varieties.  And, our products often reduce the need for traditional fertilizers and chemicals.  We are committed to providing economical and effective products combined with honest and attentive customer service.  Tara means “Earth” and we exist to do our part to sustain it for generations to come.

Our Solution for Nitrogen Ban Periods

banmax-labelSummertime is here, along with Florida’s ban against fertilizers with any Nitrogen in the chemical mix. Effective from June 1 through September 30, these bans create a struggle for most residents and lawn care professionals. Floridians worry about the fate of their plants in the summer sun, without fertilizer. Tara Solutions introduces BanMax for a stress-free, nitrogen-free summer.

BanMax is a 0-0-7 product available to use during summer nitrogen bans. BanMax contains the optimum combination of components and trace minerals without nitrogen. BanMax results with healthy root structure, thicker blooms, stress resistance, quick green up; healthier, brighter, and longer lasting plants. BanMax is a liquid product containing 90 trace minerals, carbon with new technology, humic acid, high end sugars, and potassium. It is rain fast ready. Spray it on the plant for absorption within 15 minutes.

Nitrogen is said to be extremely vital to plant growth, which is why many homeowners and lawn care professionals struggle during the nitrogen-ban. No gardener wants their plants to die during the summer, but they also want to follow the laws and help protect their environment. BanMax is the perfect way to save and grow your plants during the nitrogen ban period and help the environment.

BanMax by Tara Solutions is a special product approved for use during nitrogen ban periods and late fall applications as it promotes excellent root system and lateral growth. Visit the “Shop” page to purchase this product.

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