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King Calcium is 10% liquid solution that is used to stabilize nitrogen applications and increase overall plant nutrient uptake.It can be mixed with 28% or 32% liquid nitrogen and applied, or it can be broadcast just ahead of all types of nitrogen fertilizer applications.

Applying 3 gallons per acre of King Calcium can double nitrogen efficiency by stabilizing nitrogen and helping to prevent it from wicking off or leaching away, thereby reducing the total amount of nitrogen needed.

It’s unlike any other Calcium product on the market today!

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Our Calcium is 100% available

  • If the calcium is not available, it is of absolutely no use to the plant.
  • Why spend your money on filler?
  • Available calcium determines the uptake of all other nutrients into the plant.
  • Limestone is a poor source of sufficient available calcium. Studies show that limestone contains less than 11 lbs. per ton of available calcium, and availability is key.
  • If the soil is deficient in calcium or the calcium is not available, vital nutrients can’t reach the plant, and the plant health suffers.

King Calcium Benefits:

  • Improved Soil Structure
  • Balanced pH
  • Less Hardpan
  • Increased Drought Tolerance
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake
  • Decreased Disease
  • Reduced Salts

King Calcium Can Save You Money.

Example of Nitrogen Savings When Using King Calcium to Grow 200 Bushels of Corn:

28% Nitrogen for $0.40 per Lb.

Nitrogen needed without Calcium:
260 Lbs. per acre cost per acre:

Nitrogen needed with Calcium:
150 Lbs. per acre cost per acre:
$78.00 (Calcium cost $18.00 per acre)

Savings per acre:

(Universities recommend 1/3 Lb. Nitrogen to grow 1 bushel)