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Great nutrition requires great ingredients.  We only use superior ingredients designed for use in foliar applications.

We start with our proprietary Advanced Micronutrition products that are engineered to provide the most complete source of all elements and organic components required for superior plant health.  Our Advanced Micronutrition contains a breakthrough technology surfactant that greatly enhances the ability of all types of plants to increase foliar absorption.

We complement our Advanced Micronutrition with the highest grade Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium sources to create both standard and custom products for your use.

Our products are designed to provide nutrition that increases plant health reducing the need for other fertilizer and chemical inputs. They are simple to use, equipment friendly, and mix well with other inputs. Your customers will appreciate that they are eco-friendly, non-staining, and child/pet safe. You will appreciate that with healthier plants, you can expect fewer callbacks and plant replacements.

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