Eco-Friendly Fertilization

Customized Solutions

We understand that the needs and approaches of professional applicators vary widely and require flexibility to adapt to change.  That is why we provide high quality inputs that can be mixed and matched to meet a wide variety of needs and programs.

We are the only supplier who puts you in control with the ability to create custom liquid blends using any or all of our high performance source products.

How is the Tara Solutions approach to building fertilization programs different from the other providers of lawn and ornamental fertilization products?

    • We are committed to helping professionals build programs that are simple, flexible, effective, and affordable.
    • We believe that highly effective and economical fertilization programs can increase your bottom-line.
    • We believe that superior results must begin with a base of Advanced Micronutrition.
    • We have designed our products to be used in customizable and flexible programs to suit a wide range of philosophies, geographies, climates, weather conditions, and budgets.
    • We understand the many operational challenges faced by landscape fertilization professionals and have designed products to meet them.
    • We have developed modeling tools to help you design your programs that analyze cost and nutrition.
The Tara Solutions Advantage:

Customized Solutions
Superior Products
Foliar Technology
Personalized Service
Great Results