Posted on July 19, 2012

Welcome to the first blog post for Tara Solutions, your eco-friendly fertilization company. We have also just launched our new website at www.taraisgreen.com. Please check it out with all new results data on our products, providing even more reasons to switch to our eco-friendly products.Tara Solutions’ #1 priority is to provide optimum plant health. Our proprietary formulas maximize nutrient uptake to increase overall plant health. By providing the optimum amount of nutrients, you will see increased yields, more nutritious crops and improved soil quality.

Tara Solutions has achieved success with substantial improvement in plant health across a wide variety of plant species. Corn growers in the midwest and sugar beet growers in Michigan have seen significant increases in BRIX levels utilizing Tara Solutions. Farmers growing strawberries, oranges and herbs have documented improved yields, healthier plants and more robust fruits and vegetables. Turf professionals in Florida and grass farmers in Oklahoma have also documented healthier plant growth. Homeowners have seen vast improvements in their lawns, shrubs and vegetables.

Please feel free to give us your comments about our site, our products or any questions or comments you may have!

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