New Lawn & Garden Nutrient Approved for Use During Fertilizer Bans

Posted on March 3, 2013

Tara Solutions’ BanMax provides Nutrition with no Nitrogen or Phosphorus

(Tampa, Fl.-February 26, 2013) Tara Solutions, an eco-friendly fertilization company based in Tampa,Florida, has developed a lawn and garden nutrient that complies with the strict fertilizer ordinances in the Tampa and Sarasota Bay regions. BanMax is the newest product to become a Be Floridian partner and can be applied during the rainy season from June-September, to help sustain turfgrass through the harsh Florida summers. BanMax maximizes your lawn and garden’s potential, without generating harmful runoff that pollutes bays, streams and the Gulf of Mexico. (

Tara Solutions specializes in products that produce maximum plant health while being eco-friendly and BanMax is no exception. It is a perfect complement to Tara 14, a 14% nitrogen plant and turf nutrient. “We are extremely excited to provide BanMax to communities who need to nutrify their yards during strict fertilizer bans”, says Cesar Diaz, President of Tara Solutions, “ while Tara 14 provides an eco-friendly amount of nitrogen to lawns and gardens during non ban periods.”

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