Eco-Friendly Fertilization

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This product is an organic liquid fertilizer alternative/nutrient. It is made from ocean water where the 90 elements that support healthy life exist. No chemicals or substances are added. The beauty of this product is that it fortifies and feeds all crops, plants, and grasses with the nutrients they are meant to have, allowing growers to grow healthy crops without the use of artificial chemicals or the injections of high doses of NPK, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

A powerful liquid package containing the naturally occurring trace minerals found in the ocean, balanced in a soluble form.

Erosion has reduced many soils to an insufficient and inadequate level of essential trace mineral availability. Studies have shown that most soils only provide 12-20 of the 90 available natural minerals.

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The Lack of Minerals in Our Soil is Proven By the Need for Constant Fertilization

This lack of minerals in the soil has resulted in:

  • Poor Plant Nutritional Value
  • Increased Susceptibility to Pests and Disease
  • Shorter Shelf Life
  • Smaller and Inferior Yields
  • Weakened Plants
  • Increased Use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers to Compensate for the Lack Of Minerals in the Soil

A Plant’s Growth is Ultimately Determined by 3 Key Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Nutrients

For the dryland farmer only 1 of those three most important requirements is within your control—Nutrients.  And the bottom line is ,without all the available nutrients in the soil in the perfect balance your plants will never grow to their maximum potential.

Is Deep Blue Affordable? Yes.

Tara Solutions manufacturers, packages, and distributes Deep Blue, so we are able to offer farmers a price well below the competition. With the amazing density and assortment of trace minerals in Deep Blue, all you need is a small application to give the plant the minerals it needs to grow to its full potential.

Is Deep Blue Organic? Yes.

Deep Blue is an organic product that meets all of the requirements to be labeled as organic. Since Deep Blue is organic, it is considered a product that is 100% safe to use on growing crops and contains no hazardous ingredients.

Deep Blue’s Organic Liquid Fertilizer Benefits:

  • Higher protein levels
  • Higher plant yields
  • More profitable fields
  • Safe to use on all crops
  • Disease and pest resistance
  • Contains most trace minerals found in nature
  • Affordable
  • Higher test weights
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Higher drought tolerance
  • Stronger plant immune system