Eco-Friendly Fertilization

L & O Programs

How is the Tara Solutions approach to building programs different from the other providers of lawn and ornamental fertilization products?

  • We believe that highly effective and economical fertilization programs can increase your bottom-line.
  • We are committed to helping professionals build the most highly effective, flexible, and affordable fertilization programs possible.
  • We have designed our products to be used in customizable programs to suit a wide range of philosophies, geographies, and budgets.
  • We understand the many operational challenges faced by landscape fertilization professionals and have designed products to meet them.
  • We have developed a sophisticated tool to help you design your program(s) that analyze cost and nutrition.

How are Tara Solutions’ programs different from other programs?

  • We believe that the most effective fertilization programs require a base of micronutrition.  For us this is the starting point, not an afterthought.
  • We have developed the most complete and effective micronutrition products on the market.
  • We complement our micronutrition with a flexible set of macronutrition products.

Advanced Micronutrition Products

Macronutrition Products