Eco-Friendly Fertilization

Tara Solutions Products

Tara 14

The complete nutrient package for use on crops, plants or turf.

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The complete nutrient package for use on crops, plants or turf for any time or area where there is a ban on nitrogen fertilization.

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Tara NK Logo TextTara-N, Tara-K, and Tara-NK

Nitrogen and Potassium liquid fertilizers designed for use in programs with Tara 14 and BanMax.

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King Calcium

King Calcium is 10% liquid solution that is used to stabilize nitrogen applications and increase overall plant nutrient uptake.

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Our five percent, non-staining, chelated iron specifically formulated for foliar application on lawns and turf.

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Slow-release nitrogen formulated to address fungal root and leaf threats.

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Deep Blue

Our liquid fertilizer alternative/nutrient. It is made from ocean water where the 90 elements that support healthy life exist.

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XtremeCarbon is an extremely high energy, carbon foliar feed/ chemical adjuvant, that is sugar based – with food grade, low biuret urea.

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FA Skeeter Gone Logo

Skeeter Gone

OMRI listed mosquito and soft-bodied insect killer.  Skeeter Gone is completely eco-friendly and terminates adults and larvae on contact.

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