Eco-Friendly Fertilization

BanMax for Lawn Care Pros

BanMax is formulated to be a foliar-fed nutrient fertilizer package for use on lawns, turf, and ornamental plants. It is highly effective at modest application rates, allowing you to keep within your budget for fertilizer inputs. It is simple to use and provides numerous operational advantages with potential cost savings.

BanMax is a special product developed and approved for use during nitrogen ban periods when our Tara-14 product cannot be used.  It is also effective when used for late fall applications to promote root system and lateral growth.

With BanMax (and Tara 14) you will produce healthier plants for your customers and healthier profits for your business.   More Info on Tara 14 >

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Nutrient Package Components

  • Trace minerals (derived from sea water and seaweed)
  • Humics (derived from lenardite)
  • Potassium
  • Carbon (high energy, 5 million calories per gallon)
  • Plant growth stimulants
  • Advanced surfactant technology

Plant Health Benefits

  • Improved Photosynthesis
  • Increased Metabolism & Physiology
  • Increased Maturity & Vitality
  • Greater Flowering and Fruitation
  • Increased Root Mass
  • Increased Lateral Growth
  • Increased Drought/Stress Tolerance
  • Improved Immunity/Resistance

Operational Advantages/Benefits

  • Reduced fertilizer and chemical inputs
  • Same application rates for turf and ornamental
  • Mixes well with other inputs
  • No agitation required
  • Equipment friendly
  • Non-hazardous (child/pet friendly)
  • Non-staining
  • Reduced callbacks and replacements