Eco-Friendly Fertilization

Foliar Technology

We believe that foliar application is the most effective and efficient way to provide nutrition to turf and ornamental plants.  All our products are designed to be applied in foliar applications.

Unlike granular fertilizers, foliar applications always get nutrition to the plant and do not require watering and other chemical/organic processes to take place for nutrients to be available to the plants.

Foliar application is more efficient with drastically more nutrition reaching the plant.  This means less product is required while providing more nutrition to the plant and allowing less to “escape” into the environment.

Foliar Benefits and Advantages:

  • Effective for N, K, and Micronutrients
  • Increased Efficiency
    – Less Nutrients Required
    – Reduced “Loss”
  • Rapid/Immediate Absorption
  • Always Works Regardless of Soil Conditions:
    – pH
    – Temperature
    – Amount of Water (too little or too much)
    – Excessive Salt or Sodium
    – Amount of Organic Material and Minerals
    – Presence of Pest or Disease
    – Low Oxygen
  • More Uniform Growth
  • Increased Stress Tolerance
  • Less Water Required for Application
  • Environmentally Friendly


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