Eco-Friendly Fertilization

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Finally there is an alternative!!

At Tara Solutions, we believe that strong , healthy, high-yield crops can be grown without using harmful chemicals. That is why we have introduced our own nature friendly Ag Shield surfactant, that is made from all natural plant oils. The plant oils contained in our product will supplement any existing fertilizer or chemical treatments. We believe that by using a nature friendly product, we can help protect our environment. By avoiding saturating our soils with hazardous chemicals found in today’s applications, we provide safe residue-free crops.

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The natural plant oils contained in Ag Shield are Non Toxic, Human and Animal Safe.

  • Our combination of plant oils provides rapid crop protection.
  • For use on growing crops.
  • Ag Shield is highly versatile, and it can be added to almost any type of farming program.
  • Ag Shield will supplement any fertilizer or chemical.

Ag Shield Benefits:

  • Human and animal safe
  • Ingredients are earth friendly
  • High coverage rates